Should You Start a Moving Company?

Though business industries can rise and fall based on customer demand and other factors, a few industries will always be around due to the constant need for their services. One of these industries is the moving business一specifically, moving companies that help families carry everything from the smallest box to the largest piece of furniture safely to their new home.

As long as people continue to move from place to place, moving companies will stay in business. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many people looking to make some extra income with a side hustle are considering working for a moving company.

Are you wondering if you should work for a moving business to make some easy extra cash or even start a moving business yourself to maximize profits? Here are some of the questions and details you should consider before starting a moving business as a side hustle. 

Is a Moving Business Right for You? 

Most people think that working as a professional mover is all brawn and no brains. However, it’s just as important in the moving business to have good organizational skills as it is to have enough strength to carry bulky items without injury or damage to the contents.

In addition to the actual act of moving furniture and other heavy items, business owners have a lot of details to keep track of, including employee management, interfacing with customers, keeping records of all business transactions, marketing their services, and much more.

Though having a team of employees can greatly help to keep the business up and running from day to day, business owners still have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders no matter what industry they’re working in. It’s important to consider all of these factors before you start a moving company and commit to owning your own business.

Not ready to run your own business but still want to get into the furniture moving industry? It’s easy with Sharetown. When you become a Sharetown rep, you can start earning money right away by connecting with customers in your area, moving their furniture or other bulky items, and getting these items to their new location safely. No business experience or marketing expertise is required. 

Do You Have the Necessary Equipment or Experience? 

Getting started hauling furniture is easy, and just about anyone can succeed with the right mindset and tools. The most important thing you’ll need to create a moving company is a pick-up truck or similar vehicle that can handle heavy items at considerable distances. The second most important thing you’ll need is a smartphone to access the Sharetown app and get connected with clients in your area.

You don’t need any furniture hauling experience to get started with Sharetown. As long as you have the necessary tools and a drive to work hard, you can make your side hustle an extremely lucrative venture for yourself. 

How Much Money Can a Moving Company Make? 

How much a moving company makes will depend on what they charge for their services and how high the customer demand is in their area. By working with Sharetown, you can essentially start a moving company in a matter of minutes. The first step is to set your own rates depending on what kind of items you’re willing to move and how far. Then, you can start earning money within 24 hours.

The job as a Sharetown rep is easily scalable and customizable to your needs and preferences. You could add hundreds to your monthly income by working just a few hours a week. The more you work, however, the more you’ll be able to make. Some furniture movers take home thousands per month for their hard work, and how much time you spend hauling furniture is entirely up to you. 

You’ll Need Sales Skills to Get Work 

When you start a moving company from the ground up, you’ll need to be a skilled salesman and a great mover to see growth in your company and spread your reputation through word of mouth. Though sales skills are always a great addition, all you need to start as a Sharetown rep is a pick-up truck, a smartphone, and a great work ethic. 

Make the Most of Your Side Hustle

Whether you’re looking to pad your savings account, pay off debt, or save up for that big family vacation, a side hustle is a great way to boost your monthly income by monetizing your free time. Join the gig economy and put that pick-up truck to good use. Start earning extra income with Sharetown today.

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