Delight your customers and save your team members valuable time.

Eliminate the pain points of oversized product returns for your customers and team members when you partner with Sharetown.

We turn “oversized return headaches” into positive and convenient experiences for both you and your customer.

No Repackaging

Getting your product back into its packaging is oftentimes impossible and with us, not necessary.

No Labels to Print

No printer, broken printer – no problem. We don’t require your customers to print a thing.

No Disassembly

Remove the manual labor burden from your customers, our professionals are trained to do all of the heavy lifting.

No Transporting

Transporting bulky products is often unfeasible, our Reps pick up the return from your customer’s home.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Customers prefer the Sharetown return experience.

❝ The process was quick and easy, and the representatives I dealt with were friendly and professional. Thank you! ❞

❝ Andy was prompt, communicative, and a pleasure to work with. The initial email said 3-5 days and he was here in 1 business day. ❞

❝ The guys were great with communication about when they would show up, friendly, respectful and quick! ❞

❝ Justin and Sam were great. Awesome communication, door to door service, great to work with. Very easy and convenient process. ❞

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Customers prefer the Sharetown return experience.

One Returns Solution to Replace Them ALL.

Having a different return process for each location is a thing of the past. Sharetown offers nationwide coverage for all of your oversized product returns.

Process returns in one-click from your existing system.

Integrate directly with our Reprise platform and eliminate the need for your team members to navigate between different systems. 

Treat your customers to a 5-Star Return Experience while saving money on overhead.