About Us

Who we are

Sharetown is a technology based reverse logistics company making local on-demand big and bulky item returns for retailers….easy!

“When Sharetown first started, we created and provided technology for individuals in local communities to help them reuse their underutilized items. In the process, we discovered that most online retailers had no great solution for returning their big and bulky items and this created frustration for the individuals we were working with in local communities. The most frustrating part for us was that the majority of the “like new” items were just thrown into the landfill. To be fair, we also learned that this was extremely frustrating for online retailers…they were incurring huge costs and waste and didn’t want to have their items end up in landfills…they needed a better solution. Using our previous technology and knowledge of how to best re-utilize these items in local communities, we set out to develop the best solution not only for our users, but for our retail partners. In the process we also created enormous opportunities for our users to help us provide the services and make money for their families while also helping positively impact their community and the environment. Today we are the leading reverse logistics provider for many of the largest, newest, and most exciting online brands and retailers in the US. Together we are helping reduce costs, provide great customer service, build partner brands, generate revenue opportunities for individuals and families, and reduce waste in the environment.