Up Your Game Selling Furniture Online

Do you sell used furniture or other items online? Do you utilize Facebook Marketplace, Offerup, or Craigslist? Then you already know that selling second- hand items online is a great way to make money. Join the many people who do this as a part time gig and start making some extra cash! Here is a list of easy to do tips that will take your sales of used furniture on platforms, like Facebook Marketplace, Offerup, and Craigslist, to the next level.

1. Quality Photos

Take the time to get a good photo of your item. This is the first step to getting top dollar for the products you’re selling. Make sure you have good lighting (natural light is the easiest way, especially if you don’t have access to professional equipment). Make sure there’s no clutter in the background. Take multiple photos from different angles to ensure you get great shots of your item. A variety of quality photos will help you sell used furniture and attract serious buyers on Craigslist, Offerup, and Facebook marketplace.

2. Brief Description

Use bullet points to describe your item.  Include: age of item, price, value, location, etc. You don’t want to overwhelm buyers with too much information. If they need details it will give them an opportunity to reach out and start a conversation.

3. Offer Delivery

Sometimes the difference between an item selling or sitting, is if the buyer can get it delivered (even if there’s a delivery fee involved). Big or bulky items such as furniture, mattresses, and toys may exclude some buyers, unless there is a delivery option. Offering delivery will increase your potential customer base and help you make sales.

4. Timing Matters

The day and time matter when posting. When do most people look to buy on Facebook Marketplace? This differs in each area of the country, so test the days and times and keep track of when you see the best response. Usually weekends, evenings, and holidays are the best times to post.

5. Rate Your Buyers

Facebook and Offerup both allow you to rate buyers and sellers, which can help others know who to buy and sell from. If you rate your buyer, it will prompt them to rate you as well, and  that creates a seller profile people trust.

6. Respond Quickly

People who buy from second-hand yard sale pages are looking for a good deal, have a specific budget, and move on quickly. If you respond right away, you can catch the person while they’re still interested in your product and before they find someone else to buy from. This is especially true when selling used furniture online.

7. Negotiate

Like mentioned earlier, the buyers on Offerup and Facebook Marketplace are looking for a good deal. If someone gives you a solid offer (even if it isn’t full price), make the deal happen. This way, you can move inventory quickly and increase the amount you make over time, rather than holding out trying to get top dollar. If someone low balls you, be polite and move on.

8. Business Cards

Create a business card that you can give to buyers so they remember you and come back to see what new items you have. Give them a couple of cards and they can share with friends. This will help you network and make this become a more permanent side gig.

9. Utilize “Tags”

Try to include as many words or phrases that someone might use when searching for your items. Facebook Marketplace sellers can use up to 20. Offerup currently doesn’t offer tags.

10. Relist Often

Older items on Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Groups get pushed to the bottom of the page and get less visibility. Keep your postings fresh (2-3 times per week), and change up photos, titles, and descriptions to see what works best. Offerup works differently than Facebook Marketplace, and seems to be better at keeping items relevant longer.

11. Be Patient

Everything will sell. If you have the right price and use the right photos, the right buyer will come along. There’s no need to pressure a buyer.  Always give good service (through good information and prompt responses), and in the end the right buyer will find you.

12. Good Customer Service

Be courteous even if you don’t make a sale. Buyers will remember that they had a pleasant experience, and come back when you have the item they’re looking for. When you get new items, you can reach out to older contacts to see if they’re interested.

13. Simple Ads

Only put necessary information in your ads. Don’t make them too long. Buyers don’t want to be overwhelmed with information. If they want more information they will reach out, which will help spark interest and conversation. Be easy to work with to increase your potential to make a sale.

14. Customers First

If your customer has an issue, find a way to make it right. Think long term – you want people to have a positive experience. This will turn them into repeat buyers and gain you referrals from their family and friends. You want to become the person that everyone goes to for what they need.

15. Update Profile

Make sure your facebook profile and Offerup profile looks authentic, professional, and friendly. You want someone to feel comfortable dealing with you based on what you post on these apps. When someone is buying from you, the majority look at your profile before they agree to buy. When they click on your profile they can see all the items you are selling in one place.

16. Waitlist

Create a waitlist of customers who contact you for items  that you might have just sold. Let them know you will contact them again when you have a similar product. This is a great way to sell things on Facebook Marketplace easily and efficiently.

17. Different Zip Codes

Instead of only listing items in your own zip code, try a neighboring zip code where there’s a different population of buyers. This will get new eyes on your posts.

18. Know Your Products

Have a good understanding of what you’re selling and what the items sell for new.  This way you can educate your buyers on what they’re getting and help them see the great value you’re offering.

19. Experiment

Things are always changing with the algorithm of Facebook Marketplace and Offerup. Keep trying new things.

20. Keep Track

Take notes on things you’ve learned that have worked well and things that haven’t.  This will help you evaluate your strategies. As online platforms such as Facebook, Offerup, Craigslist, and Nextdoor continue to change you will be ahead of the game.


Using second hand platforms such as Offerup, Facebook, and Craigslist is a great way to make extra money. Is there something missing from the list? We’d love to hear from you.

Interested in finding furniture to sell online? Contact Sharetown, we can help!

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