How Much Can You Earn as a Sharetown Rep?

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, personal income in the US has increased by 0.5% ($107.2 billion) as of March 2022. Consequently, personal consumption expenditures have also increased to 1.1% ($185 billion). 

This means Americans cannot sustain their personal consumption expenditure using their standard salary, which is why many are looking for secondary means of income. Fortunately, due to advancements in technology and the shift in workplace culture, there are limitless opportunities for skilled and unskilled people.

Platforms like Sharetown are community-based, meaning they are looking to improve the lives of employees and businesses by providing solutions specific to that community. This post dives into all you need to know about the Sharetown platform, including how much you can earn as a Sharetown Rep and what you need to become a Sharetown Rep.    

What Do Sharetown Reps Do?

To understand what you do as a Sharetown Rep, you need to understand how Sharetown works. Nowadays, most brands offer free trials to prospective customers to test their products. But what happens when the customer doesn’t end up with the product and wants to return it to the retailer? 

Sharetown is a reverse logistics organization that relies on technology to make the return of bulky and heavy items much easier. As a Sharetown Rep, you help facilitate the return or flipping of bulky furniture and mattresses from local and online retailers. 

Sharetown Reps are contractors, meaning you have control over your working and personal schedule. Through the Sharetown app, you schedule a time to pick up the product that works for you and the client. You then store the product in whichever place you deem fit. This looks different for different people; it could be a spare bedroom, garage, or storage unit.

Next is where the money happens. Reps list their inventory of like-new/ open-box products onto secondary marketplaces like OfferUp, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. After a product is sold, the Rep pays the cost of that item to Sharetown and keeps their profits. Not having to pay for your inventory until it sells makes this not only a lucrative side hustle, but one that anyone with the right vehicle can take advantage of.

How Much Do Sharetown Reps Make?

The main way to make money as a Sharetown Rep is by flipping mattresses and furniture. The Reps not only earn a profit from every sale, but they are also paid directly by their buyer, which means no delays in payments. You get paid as soon as you drop off the item. Dealing with your buyer personally also makes it easy and fast to agree on finer details like mode of payment.    

So, how much do Sharetown Reps actually make? According to the platform, flipping mattresses is the easiest way to make money, with the majority of flippers making over $100 in a span of one or two hours. Flipping mattresses is probably not the first idea that comes into mind when it comes to a side hustle.

However, most companies make it challenging for users to return a mattress after purchase, primarily due to the complexities of shipping bulky furniture. Therefore, there is a huge market for open-box furniture and mattresses that can be resold to earn a profit. Sharetown Reps are leveraging the available market to earn passive income, pay off debt, save for their retirement, and many more on their own terms.

Become a Sharetown Rep today, and you will never find yourself waiting around for the next job.     

How to Sell More on Sharetown 

The average monthly income for a Sharetown Reps stands at $2,225, with an average of nine deliveries. Some of the highest earners on the platform can earn up to $8,000 flipping mattresses and furniture. If you decide to focus on Sharetown as a source of passive income, here are a few valuable tips that will make you generate higher income on the platform:

  • Quality photos: Photos are the first impression the client has about your product, and it needs to be of high quality. Ensure there is adequate lighting and there is no clutter in the photo’s background; the focus should be on the product.
  • Brief description: Don’t overwhelm the client with lengthy paragraphs. Use bullet points to ensure the key features are included in the description (location, age of the product, cost, etc.). You should also be available to give more information about the product. 
  • Offer delivery: Deliveries with or without fees could be the difference between holding on to items for long and the items selling immediately they are on sale. If you are within the same area as the client, you can offer free deliveries to increase your potential customer base.  
  • Timing is everything: When posting products, it is vital to consider the timing. Research the best time to post since people go through the platform and keep track of when you got the most feedback. Holidays, weekends, and most evenings prove to be the best time to post since most people are at home at such times.
  • Respond quickly: Most clients looking for second-hand products are often looking to close a deal much quicker. You need to have a specific budget that allows you to move on with the deal much quicker. By quickly responding to their queries, you can keep the client interested in your product.     
  • Optimize “Tags”: When writing the product description, try to think of some of the keywords a client might use when looking for the product. Place as many tags as naturally possible to improve the probability of your product listing on the first page of the search.

What Do You Need to Become a Sharetown Rep?

If you already own a smartphone or a computer and can lift and transport bulky furniture that weighs at least 50lbs, you are already halfway to becoming a Sharetown rep. As a contractor, you will be responsible for buying your own supplies such as packing tapes, mattress bags, tie-downs, and plastic sheeting. 

Since flipping mattresses is the biggest money-maker on the Sharetown platform, it would be wise to select a vehicle that can fit at least a mattress without any structural damage to the product. However, to be safe, a truck or a huge SUV with foldable seats will work for almost every occasion.  

Join Sharetown to Generate Passive Income

Sharetown is a community-based platform that allows people to make passive income from flipping furniture and mattresses. We are constantly on the lookout for highly motivated and strong people who can assist with return logistics while making some cash. 

Contact us today if you would like to become a Sharetown representative.

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