The Best Side Hustles for Men

Whether you are looking to earn some extra bucks, supplement your income, or save up for a project, a side hustle will certainly come in handy to help you achieve your financial goals. These are some of the best side hustles for men to earn extra income.

Reasons to Get a Side Hustle

Side hustles are for all men that want to earn extra income and augment salaries from their jobs. You can use the money flowing from these gigs to cover bills, pay off student loans, and cater to other expenses.

In addition, a side hustle helps you build wealth faster. In an era where generational debt and bad spending habits, among other issues, are prevalent, saving can be a problem. But, if you have multiple income sources (side hustles), reaching financial goals and creating wealth while taking care of everything else becomes more manageable.

The Best Side Hustles for Men

If you need a side hustle for men, consider the options outlined below.

1. Start Blogging

Blogging is a profitable side hustle for men that can bring in around extra cash every month even if you’re just getting started. If you continue publishing quality content consistently, the revenue will gradually increase.

The best thing about starting a paying blog is it’s easy and affordable. In addition, if being self-hosted or owning a private domain isn’t a priority right now, you can do it for free. Another benefit is that blogging as a side hustle only requires access to a computer and the internet.

2. Become a Sharetown Rep

Sharetown is a company that handles big and bulky item returns for online retailers. We primarily provide mattress pick-up and removal services. If you are a sturdy, dedicated individual, you can become a Sharetown rep and earn when you pick up and drop off cargo at predetermined destinations.

Our operations are simplified and straightforward. We simply contact you whenever we get a request for pick-up services in your area and provide all essential details. If this sounds like a good gig, join our team today.

3. Tutor Students

If you are a qualified teacher and need extra cash, try tutoring students and other interested entities.

This side job is ideal because you get to interact with diverse people and teach them topics you love. For instance, you can focus on niches like music and sports or teach academic subjects.

Besides, you may choose to tutor clients after work or during the weekends from the comfort of your home.

4. Provide Handyman Services

Suppose you are good with your hands and like to fix broken or damaged items. In that case, becoming a handyman may be a fitting side job. If you choose this path, you can offer many different services, including household fixture replacements, drywall installation, window repair, and interior or exterior painting.

Although handyman services won’t make you insanely rich, the actual rates associated with these gigs can make your life easier.

5. Flip Second-Hand Items

Did you know that house flippers earn around $30,000 per flip? Although that mouth-watering figure doesn’t apply to all flipping jobs, the fact is that these gigs are an excellent source of side income.

Other everyday items you can start flipping today include mattresses, baby gear, and power tools. If you are an avid sports fan, try buying and reselling memorabilia and sports equipment.

6. Power Wash Residential Properties

Experts advise homeowners to power-wash their properties at least once a year. So, if you own a power washing business, expect to clean most homes in your areas after every six months. 

All you need to do a thorough residential power wash job is legal documents and power washing gear.

Note that you can make substantial amounts from a power washing side hustle. If you are a pro offering quality services, charging $40-$60 per hour won’t be a problem.   

7. Work as a Notary

A notary is an individual that partakes in several legal affairs, and primarily witnesses document signing. If you are an adult and meet all requirements, you can earn extra income from this side hustle.

A notary public’s average salary is $20.55 per hour. If you stick to ideal practices like frugality and refraining from spending more than you earn, the money you earn from notary side gigs can make your life relatively comfortable.

8. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the most popular side hustles for men. If you have the skills and experience required to churn engaging content, this gig can pay well and turn into a reliable revenue stream in the long run.

Besides, a freelance writing business can turn into a thriving business with dedication and commitment. And you can leave your day job and become a full-time writer when that happens, meaning freelancers have the potential to become their boss eventually.

9. Earn from Game Apps

Several game apps available in today’s market pay players real money. So, if you are a gaming enthusiast, you can have fun and earn extra income by playing these games.

Moreover, besides playing paying games, you can turn your video gaming hobby into a side hustle by broadcasting your gameplay on different streaming platforms.

10. Deliver Food

Many reputable food delivery companies pay drivers reasonable hourly rates and salaries. And most only require you to have a delivery vehicle and the relevant mobile or website app before joining their teams. 

A food delivery side hustle is one of the best options for people that need extra income to pay off student loans.

There’s more. If you don’t want to work for another company, you can start your own on-demand food delivery business and exploit it on the weekends or after regular office hours.

Join Us

Side hustling is an excellent strategy that empowers you with multiple income sources and puts extra money at your disposal. But, to enjoy all these, you must pick a suitable gig. 

Fortunately, you can’t go wrong with working as a Sharetown Rep side job. Sharetown reps receive top-notch opportunities and make money through simple procedures and fantastic technologies. 

If you need an uncomplicated side job and want to work when it’s convenient for you, become a Sharetown rep today.

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