How To Make Money Buying Amazon Returns

Everyone knows that massive sellers like Amazon account for a huge portion of online purchases these days. Though Amazon corners the market with its extremely fast delivery times and huge inventory, one arena in which Amazon has some issues is customer returns.

Because Amazon ships parcels all around the world, it can be difficult to manage returns in a single location or even within multiple locations. Additionally, studies show that a significantly higher number of online purchases get returned than items bought at brick-and-mortar establishments.

Large online entities like Amazon don’t put all of their customer returns back on the market as new inventory, even if the products are returned completely undamaged or even unopened. This is where you come in if you’re looking to make some easy extra income—purchasing returned Amazon items and reselling for a profit.   

What Happens to Amazon Returns? 

Most of the time, Amazon prefers to liquidate its returns rather than reintegrate them into its sellable inventory. This means that Amazon sells these parcels to liquidation companies that resell the items to individuals in order to keep or resell at will. We recommend doing some research about the best liquidation companies in your area that provide good rates for resellers. 

How to Buy Amazon Returns 

Depending on your location, you may be able to purchase Amazon returns in pristine condition either in person or online through liquidation companies. Typically, these returns are available in pallets, which are bundles of multiple items that are sold together. 

Resellers will spend anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to resell these items to customers. They can do that within the original pallet structure, or they can resell items in a redesigned bundle. Resellers can also sell items as standalone pieces. 

How to Make Money Buying Amazon Returns 

In order to make buying and reselling Amazon returns a profitable side hustle, it’s important to determine which items are of the highest value to customers. If you purchase a bunch of pallets filled with items that won’t sell well, you may end up with losses at the end of the month instead of profits.

Additionally, the more time you spend purchasing and reselling Amazon returns, the more extra income you’ll be able to earn over time. As you begin to turn a profit, you’ll be able to invest more in your resale purchases, allowing you to increase the number of items you have to resell and increase your revenue as well with more desirable items. 

What Are the Most Profitable Products to Buy? 

During your planning stages, consider going for high-ticket items such as furniture and other bulky items that can sell for high amounts, creating significant profit margins for you. Large items like furniture and mattresses can be especially difficult to return to their original seller, which opens up an entire industry for those willing to purchase, resell, and deliver these items to their new owners. 

How Does Flipping Amazon Returns Work? 

Flipping Amazon returns is easy, and there’s very little barrier to entry. If you’re planning to purchase and resell large items, you’ll need a pick-up truck or similar vehicle to haul your items from place to place. Additionally, becoming a Sharetown rep is a great way to connect with buyers in your area in one central location.

Sharetown makes it simple to earn extra income selling and hauling large items like furniture and mattresses. Using our app, you can connect to members of your local community who are looking to purchase many of the items available from liquidation companies, making it easy to find customers for your flipping Amazon returns business.

Once you’ve signed up with Sharetown, you can decide exactly how far you’re willing to travel, what your items will sell for, and how often you’d like to work. Sharetown reps have complete control over their schedule and income, making it possible to turn this side hustle into a full-time job with the right drive and work ethic. 

Earn Extra Income Flipping Amazon Returns with Sharetown 

People decide to take up side hustles in the gig economy for a variety of reasons. Some have debt to pay off, while others want to save up for a major purchase like a home or a vehicle. Whatever your motivation may be to increase your monthly paycheck, working with Sharetown can help you reach more customers and boost your income by hundreds or even thousands. Apply today to join the team!

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