13 Best Side Hustles for Couples to Earn Extra Cash

With the rising financial demands and responsibilities, these side hustles for couples can help you make extra money in addition to your primary sources of income. In fact, research shows that 34 percent of Americans have a side hustle. Even more exciting is how couples are investing their time and resources into starting a side hustle. So, what does it take to start and, more importantly, excel in your shared hustle? 

First and foremost, succeeding in a side hustle as a couple requires you to consider your interests and what you are both good at. This helps you to narrow down on ideas that are viable. Second, you need to compare your skills and focus more on the compatible ones. Lastly, consider how the hustle will provide value to customers and ultimately make profits. 

Why Should Couples Get a Side Hustle?

There are several reasons why couples should consider shared avenues of making extra cash, including:

  • Join forces to achieve financial freedom with your partner
  • Build up additional income
  • Can transform a side hustle into a family business
  • Strengthen your relationship

Best Side Hustles for Couples

Below are a few side hustles you can start with your significant other and make some good cash: 

Start an Etsy shop

A popular and lucrative side hustle is to sell unique products, which can range from apparel to artwork, jewelry, houseware, crafts, and stickers. Here, you need to set up an Etsy store using your email address, which allows you to access thousands of customers worldwide. Being a beginner-friendly platform, it can be an excellent place to start, provided you can create unique items or ideas that can be monetized. 

Become a Sharetown rep 

Sharetown reps pick up large items like furniture and mattresses and resell them for a profit. We make it easy to find pick up requests in your area, provide you with tips for reselling, and allow you to work when it works best for your schedule. 

As a Sharetown rep, you could potentially earn hundred or thousands of dollars per month simply by hauling furniture to drop-off locations, selling furniture online, providing last-mile deliver, and more. All you need is a vehicle like a pickup truck or van to move the large items. Sign up to become a rep now.

Start a Blog

Although it takes time and effort, blogging is a fantastic way to make money as a couple. For this side hustle, you first need to establish yourself as a trusted source of information. Begin by identifying an underserved niche, or even better, an area you and your partner are enthusiastic and passionate about. Once you get a large audience and active user base, you can make money through affiliate marketing, advertising, and sponsored posts. 

More importantly, learn SEO, content creation, and how to use social media to promote your blog, which are requisites for a successful blogging career.  

Start a YouTube channel 

Like blogging, YouTube is a viable way to make money if you have a decent following. For your channel to monetize, you need to have not less than a thousand followers and 4,000 hours of watch time within the last 12 months. YouTube also allows you to make money through affiliate marketing and advertising. 

As a couple, you can even designate responsibilities to make things easy. For example, you can be recording videos while your partner edits. With effort and dedication, you can be sure to make good money from YouTube. 

Sell items on eBay and Craigslist 

For sure, the used items and unwanted stuff in your house are worth a few dollars. Whether it is clothing, collectibles, furniture, or electronics, there is a market for everything on Craigslist and eBay. The best part about these avenues is you are not limited to the things you can sell. So, as you declutter to create more room for newer items, put aside the things that can be resold to bring in some money.   

Flip Stuff for profit

Ideally, flipping involves buying products at a discount and selling them at a profit. Some popular places to source inventory are Walmart, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. Once you gather your inventory, find buyers and sell your merchandise on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Mercari. Some common items you can flip include clothing, tools, tech, vintage items, shoes, collectibles, electronics, and home goods. 

Offer cleaning, landscaping, and home improvement services 

If you and your partner have no problem getting your hands a little dirty, you can offer your neighbors gardening, lawn maintenance, and related services at a fee. Online platforms such as TaskRabbit and Thumbtack can be helpful in reaching out to people who may be looking for the services you offer. Depending on the amount of work, you can divide roles to make it easy. You can even ask your clients to leave reviews, which can help you get more customers.    

Provide childcare or pet care services

Childcare and pet services can be an excellent side hustle for couples who love pets and kids. Pet care can include dog walking and pet sitting, while childcare is just as it sounds-taking care of your neighbors’ children while they are at work. Note that some of these services require you to have the necessary licenses, so be sure to do your research before getting your names out there. 

Become Freelancers 

The freelancing world is huge and accommodative, as long as you are skilled in one or more areas. Depending on where you fit, you can become a freelance writer (where you write content and blogs for websites), graphic designer, proofreader, etc. You can start with low pay and raise your rates as you gain experience, and you will be earning a good income before you know it. 

Create and Sell Online Courses

If you or your partner is skilled or knowledgeable in a specific area, you can create and sell online courses and make money from them. Even a skill as simple as weaving or cooking a particular meal can be marketable if you know how to market it. With the online education industry surpassing 240 billion dollars, you certainly have a market for online courses. 

Rent Your Home with Airbnb

Another profitable side hustle for couples is renting the extra space or vacation home with Airbnb. To get started, sign up and list your space so potential clients can see it. Be sure to take quality photos and include the necessary details to make your space more noticeable. With positive reviews, you can get regular clients and make a decent income. 

Get Into Real Estate

Real estate investment has become more accessible and can be a great source of passive income. You can leverage crowdsourcing platforms like Arrived Home and Fundraise, which allow you to invest in real estate with as little as 10 dollars. Although a long-term hustle, it can bring in a reasonable income. 

Drive for Uber or Lyft 

Uber driving can be profitable if you live in metropolitan areas where there are more people looking for rides. It can work perfectly if you have different work schedules; one party can be driving when the other is working, and vice versa. As long as your car is in good shape and you have the required papers (e.g., insurance), you are ready to make money with rideshares. 


Whichever side hustles you decide to try as a couple, working together with your partner can be quite rewarding. And as you make money to pay off your student loans, offset your bills, or just have enough to spend on what you love, you get to grow as a couple as you work toward financial freedom. 

As you consider which side hustles are good for you and your partner, Sharetown offers you an opportunity to make an extra income working with customers who want to return items to retailers and e-commerce companies.

Apply today to become a Sharetown rep and start earning extra income.

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