What Happens to Returned Mattresses?

So you’ve returned your new mattress. But what happens to returned mattresses next? Do they disappear into a warehouse? Does someone else buy them? Are they donated to someone in need? Or are they stacked up somewhere in a massive mattress graveyard? After all, mattresses are big and bulky, and they can’t just disappear into the abyss.

What do companies do with returned mattresses? If you’ve ever wondered, we’ve got answers for you. Keep reading to learn the big mystery of what happens to mattresses that are returned.

What Happens to Returned Mattresses?

If you end up returning a mattress, there are a few different scenarios that might take place. Many companies that offer free mattress trials allow customers to donate the mattress if they’re not satisfied with their purchase. In other situations, the mattress is thrown away or recycled.

Alternatively, some companies might repackage and resell the mattress for a discounted price. Some states do not allow the resale of returned mattresses, but those that do require a mattress label that meets federal returned mattress laws. These labels usually must inform the buyer that they are buying a returned mattress.

Other companies choose to rebuild and resell the mattress. Rebuilding the mattress ensures that the mattress is sanitary and ready for use by another customer. To rebuild a mattress, some companies replace the mattress protector or top layer, then put the mattress through a sterilization process.

What Do Companies Do with Returned Mattresses?

Mattress companies handle returns in a variety of ways. Some companies donate the mattresses to local charities or religious organizations, so the mattress goes to someone in need.

Third-party companies like Sharetown make it easy for companies to manage big and bulky returns of mattresses. Their technology allows companies to request a return, and then Sharetown takes over handling the rest of the job. Sharetown works with non-profit partners to find a new home for returned mattresses.

Who Assumes the Loss of a Returned Mattress?

Most of the time, the cost of returning the mattress is included in the price of the mattress. If the company offers free shipping, this cost is also usually calculated into the pricing of the product. This allows the mattress industry to continue to function without taking a major hit every time a customer wants to return the mattress.

Mattress companies are not required to offer returns, unless there is a defect in the mattress. However, many states require the companies that do offer returns to list their return and refund policy on their website. The company is legally allowed to charge a restocking fee for the mattress return, covering the cost of replacing the packaging for resale.

What Does Sharetown Do With Returned Mattresses?

Sharetown works with mattress companies to redistribute returned mattresses and place them back in the local community. They partner with charities to support the needs of the local population, while saving money for mattress companies, protecting the brand, and simplifying the return process. 

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