How to Donate a Mattress

The right mattress is the key to a good night of sleep. So if you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s worn out, too firm for your taste, or making you break into a sweat even in the winter, it’s time to kiss that mattress goodbye. But once you find a new mattress, you may not be sure what to do with the old one.

Mattresses can either be donated, recycled, or disposed of, depending on the condition and how old they are. If you’re wondering, “Where can I donate a mattress?” or have other questions about free mattress recycling and mattress donation, keep reading. We’ll explain all the ins and outs of how to donate a mattress or properly dispose of an old mattress.

What Condition is Your Mattress?

When you want to donate an old mattress, first you need to determine which category it falls under: a trial period mattress, or a used mattress. The category of the mattress will determine whether it will be donated, recycled, or thrown away.

Trial Period Mattress

Many companies offer a trial period for their mattresses. Check with the company you bought the mattress from to find out how long the trial period lasts. It could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 90 days.

Used Mattress

If you’ve had a mattress longer than the dictated trial period, it is considered a used mattress. Return policies vary by mattress companies, but most mattresses more than 90 days old are considered used mattresses. Do your research to find out if your mattress is outside of the trial period.

If Your Mattress is in the Trial Period

How do I return or donate a trial period mattress?

When you want to return or donate a mattress that is still in the trial period phase, you can contact Sharetown. Sharetown is a free mattress return service that allows you to donate your like-new mattress to Habitat for Humanity so it can be used by someone who needs it most.

If you’re interested in donating your mattress through Sharetown, start by submitting a request on our website. Once you’ve sent in your request, simply wait for someone from our team to contact you to schedule your pickup. We have locations all over the country, making mattress returns hassle-free and better for the environment and local communities. Learn more today.

If Your Mattress is Used

Why you should donate instead of throwing your mattress away

You may have heard of the eco-friendly mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle.” When it comes to mattresses, the principle holds up. Some used mattresses can be donated if they are still in good condition and free of stains and tears. This is the best option because donating a mattress helps someone in need, keeps junk out of our landfills, and is all-around better for the planet.

If your used mattress is not in good condition, you won’t be able to donate it and will have to dispose of it in another way. Since a mattress can’t just be dumped in the garbage, it’s important to dispose of your mattress properly. Most cities offer services like mattress recycling, curbside pickups, or mattress drop-off.

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