White Glove Setup


White Glove Delivery Service for Your Products

When you choose white glove setup services, Sharetown goes above and beyond the standard expectations for delivery of big and bulky items. Not only will your customer’s purchase be delivered to their room of choice, we’ll also unpack and assemble the product as needed. White glove delivery service allows you to extend your brand experience at the point of delivery for your products, giving your customer an additional positive touchpoint with your brand.

With Sharetown White Glove Delivery and

Set Up Services Your Customers Can Expect

Automated delivery tracking (they’ll know exactly where their product is, and when it will arrive)

Up-to-the-hour delivery windows (no more frustrating 4-hour delivery windows)

Carefully handled products and friendly service upon delivery

Professional unpacking and assembly and/or installation of product, as needed

Clean up and package & debris removal after set up

Safe placement of the product directly to the customer’s desired space/room.

Removal and reuse/dispoal of previous product/furniture/ appliance/equipment

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COVID-19 Update

As an additional safety precaution, our team members provide contactless interactions whenever possible, and maintain safe, social distancing during delivery. Face masks and gloves are mandatory for delivery handlers.

Why Choose Sharetown
White Glove Setup Services?

White glove delivery and set up services offer the chance to bring the brand experience into your customer’s home or office at the point of delivery. You can ensure that the product you are delivering is correctly set up or installed, and ensure that your customer is completely satisfied upon delivery.

At Sharetown, we pride ourselves on creating professional, helpful, and personalized white glove delivery experiences. We will not only deliver and set up your big and bulky product with the utmost care, but we will serve as an extension of your brand throughout the delivery, set-up and installation process.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

With white glove delivery service, your customers can receive their product without having to deal with moving a cumbersome or heavy product on their own. They can also bypass the instruction, assembly and installation process by letting the professionals handle it quickly and efficiently. The white glove delivery service will make a lasting impression, and allow them to enjoy the product that they have purchased.

In addition, your customers will also enjoy the removal services that are part of the white glove delivery. Rather than trying to figure out how to get an old fridge, couch or mattress to the curb or into a dumpster, our white glove setup services handle the safe removal and disposal of any household appliance or object.

Limit Risk

Anytime a delivery is left at a doorstep or outside the home, there is an element of risk of damage or theft of the delivered product. With Sharetown’s white glove service, you’ll be guaranteed the product will not only be delivered on time and safely, but it will be brought into the customer’s home and assembled or installed as needed.

Build and In-Home Brand Experience

Because of our attention to detail and excellent customer service, we can make sure the delivery and unveiling of your product to your customer is a positive experience—one that will build brand loyalty and customer retention.

Our white glove delivery services also help reduce customer complaints and returns. We make sure their product is safely delivered and correctly installed. This can help reduce the instances of customers demanding a refund for faulty delivery.

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