Should You Become a Sharetown Rep?

By now, most people are familiar with the concept of a side hustle: an unofficial part-time job that you pick up in addition to your regular employment to make some extra money.

Some take on side hustles simply to make ends meet, while others look for extra padding in their savings account. Whatever your situation is, the right side gig can help to increase your income by hundreds or even thousands per month.

Questions for a Potential Sharetown Rep

One of the most lucrative side hustles today is furniture and mattress flipping, or the practice of buying and reselling gently used furniture items and mattresses for a profit. Let’s explore some of the qualifications you might need to be a successful furniture or mattress flipper and how you could exponentially increase your earnings by flipping mattresses with Sharetown

Do You Have a Truck or Another Way to Haul Large Items? 

The first thing you’ll need to get started flipping mattresses is a large vehicle, such as a pickup truck, SUV, minivan, or box truck, that has plenty of room to carry a big and bulky item.

Depending on each person’s preferences and time constraints, a Sharetown rep can limit their pickups and dropoffs to their immediate area or flip mattresses all over town to increase profit potential. 

Do You Have a Place to Store Mattresses You Pick Up? 

Generally, the mattress flipping process includes some slight refurbishing after purchase in order to increase your profit margins in the resale deal. Plus, there may be some time between purchase and resale where you’ll need a place to keep your mattresses clean and dry. 

A spare room or clear garage can be especially beneficial for your mattress flipping business. 

Are You Looking for a Way to Make Extra Money? 

At the end of the day, the most important quality to bring to mattress flipping is the drive to be successful and earn enough extra income to make your time investment worth it. Because a Sharetown rep can do mattress flipping in just a few spare hours per week, it generally doesn’t take long to see how rewarding this side hustle can be.

Plus, if you find that mattress flipping has become very lucrative for you, you could even turn it into your full-time job and earn a living on your own schedule. This way, you can spend more time with family and friends without sacrificing the necessary income. 

Sign Up to Earn Extra Income with Sharetown

Are you interested in mattress flipping but not sure how to get started? When you become a Sharetown representative, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to find mattresses for sale, make deals, resell your product, and earn extra income, all through one central app.

Sharetown is a community-based reverse logistics company that helps members of local communities buy and sell bulky items and make a sizable profit in the process. 

As a Sharetown rep, you won’t have to navigate the world of mattress flipping on your own—you’ll have access to a large community that can help bring you closer to your income goals.

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