How to Make Money Flipping Furniture

Are you looking to get started in this lucrative side hustle of flipping furniture? Or perhaps you have already started selling furniture but want to maximize your profits? In either case, this post will give you the tips you need to make the most money reselling furniture items for a profit.

How to Make The Largest Profits Flipping Furniture

1. Choose the Right Furniture

When starting out in the furniture flipping business, the first thing you need to do is choose the right type of furniture to flip. If you’re just getting started, you want to stick with items like couches, beds, tables, and chairs. These are relatively easy to sell and don’t require much maintenance. However, if you’re more experienced at buying and selling furniture, you can invest in other types of furniture such as bed frames, dressers, desks, etc.

2. Know Where to Find the Best Deals on Pieces of Furniture

Before you start shopping for and hauling furniture, it’s essential to know where to find the best deals. You’ll be able to save time and money by knowing which stores offer the lowest prices. There are several online resources available that will help you identify these stores. For example, you can use websites like Craigslist or Flippa to search for furniture sales in your area. 

Alternatively, you can also apply to become a Sharetown rep. With Sharetown, you don’t have to worry about seeking out customers, and there are no upfront costs! We’ll connect you with those selling flippable furniture within your area and schedule pickups and drop-offs at your convenience. 

3. Know How to Price Your Furniture Correctly

Once you’ve found some good deals on furniture, it’s time to price them correctly. This means setting a fair price for each piece of furniture. Some people set a low price and then upsell customers once they’ve sold the item. Others simply charge what they think the item is worth. Either way, pricing correctly is essential to maximizing profit margins.

4. Find the Best Places to Sell Furniture

Finding the most strategic place to sell your furniture plays a massive role in how profitable you will become. It may seem obvious to list your furniture on eBay or Amazon, but there are other options. For instance, you could list your furniture on sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, Flippa, and others. Each site has its pros and cons, so learn about all of them before making any decisions.

5. Improve Your Online Listings

If you’re listing your furniture on an online marketplace, you’ll also want to improve your listings. A well-designed website will attract potential buyers who want to buy your furniture. To create a successful website, you should include:

  • Pictures of the furniture
  • Information about the seller (including contact info)
  • Information about the condition of the furniture
  • A detailed description of the furniture

6. Write Attractive Description

As an extension of the point above, you should write an attractive description for your furniture. When describing your furniture, focus on the features that make the furniture unique. For example, if you’re offering a couch, describe the fabric and color scheme. Also, highlight the details of the sofa, including the size, shape, material, and style. Here are a few more tips on how to create eye-catching descriptions:

  • Use descriptive words like tailored, home-suited, and comfortable
  • Describe your furniture’s features, not its flaws
  • Include pictures of the furniture to illustrate your description
  • Make the description easily readable and scannable (use bullet points)
  • Incorporate mini-stories to break the rational barriers

7. Take Excellent, Well-Lit Photos

The last thing you need when selling furniture is terrible photos. If you don’t have professional equipment, invest in a tripod and a camera with a macro lens. These items will allow you to take better-quality photos without worrying about shaking. Once you have taken great photographs, upload them to your website. The goal here is to get as many eyes on your furniture as possible.

8. Offer Great Customer Service

Offering excellent customer service is a surefire way to succeed in the furniture flipping business. And it only takes simple gestures like answering emails, phone calls, and text messages promptly. Be sure to respond quickly to emails and texts because these communication methods work best during business hours. Customers appreciate being able to communicate directly with sellers.

How Much Money Can You Make Flipping Furniture?

You can earn anywhere from $500 to $10,000 per month flipping furniture. It all depends on the type of furniture you decide to flip, where you choose to list it, and how much time you put into the process.

Flippers typically earn between $1,500 and $2,000 per piece of furniture they flip. That means, on average, you can expect to receive around $3,000-$4,000 per month after such expenses as pickup truck transportation, inventory storage, advertising costs, and other fees.

Flippers usually spend anywhere from one week to three months preparing their pieces before listing them. This includes cleaning the furniture, making minor repairs, and adding accessories.

If you sell your furniture through an online marketplace, you can expect to earn anywhere from $5,000 to $7,000 per item. However, selling offline/traditionally, you can expect to make only $1,500 per item. The difference comes down to the fact that the most profitable flippers use online marketplaces to find buyers.

If you want to be successful at flipping furniture, you’ll need to dedicate yourself to the process. Start small and build up slowly. You may even consider starting with just one or two pieces of furniture.

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