The Best Side Hustles in Florida

If you are looking for a shortlist of the best side hustles in Florida right now to help you supplement your primary income, then you have come to the right place. 

Starting a side hustle can be a rewarding move, especially if you take time to research and plan. Florida remains one of the best states for doing business, which is a plus for small startups. With a favorable regulatory environment and tax policies, the roadblocks to starting a thriving side business only get fewer.

Besides providing income security, a side hustle makes an excellent boost for reaching your financial goals faster. For instance, the extra money you make can go towards paying off your debt or contributing to your investments. Moreover, if your goal is replacing your primary job, you could slowly build your side business into a full-time income stream.  

Best Side Hustles for People in Florida

With your primary job acting as a reliable funding source or a buffer that allows you to reinvest the profits into the business, running a side hustle will have a higher success rate. However, the planning and setup stages are very crucial for the success of the venture.

But now, on to our best side hustles in Florida.

Deliver Food and Groceries

Food and grocery delivery services have become one of the top side-hustles not just in Florida but nationwide. With people turning to online shopping for convenient food and groceries supply, on-demand grocery delivery services have gained popularity, making it a lucrative venture. Companies such as Shipt or Instacart provide opportunities for driver-shoppers to shop and deliver groceries to customers. 

Besides, you don’t need many skills to start this side business. At the minimum, you’ll need a smartphone (iPhone or Android), a reliable delivery vehicle, and maybe a cooler bag for keeping the groceries fresh.

Weatherproofing & Storm Repairs

Despite being a sunny state, Florida’s weather changes for the worst, when storms hit. This leaves a load of mess behind that needs fixing. Starting a side hustle for waterproofing and storm repairs can be a rewarding income stream, not just after big storms, but throughout the year. 

For instance, you could help property owners install impact doors/windows and lots of other weatherproofing necessities. Then, after the storms, you could help with cleanup and repairs and make some extra money doing it.

Start a Blog

Do you have a passion you desire to share with others? Starting a blog can be a rewarding side job. There are many types of blogs that do really well, such as personal finance, health and fitness, parenting, and food.

The catch here is to pick an area that you love and can be easily monetized, then focus on creating relevant content that your target audience resonates with. 

To start a blog, you need to get a reliable hosting provider, register a domain name, customize the blog, optimize your web presence, and then create and market the content.   

Become a Sharetown Rep

Do you have a pickup truck or any other large vehicle that can reliably and safely deliver bulky items? Then you can make money on the side as a Sharetown rep. Sharetown works with retailers and ecommerce companies who sell large items that need to be returned. We provide our reps with pick up requests in their area, and assist with scheduling pick ups and removals. Then, you can then resell the items for a profit. 

If you’re ready to venture into the flipping business, become a Sharetown Rep and start earning.

Become Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is another lucrative side hustle that you can engage in to earn extra money every month. Especially if you have excellent organizational skills and can help people run their businesses remotely by helping with sending and replying to emails, bookkeeping, scheduling meetings, and many other simple administrative tasks.

There are different types of virtual assistant jobs, depending on the nature of the business that hires you. But generally, to become a virtual assistant, you need at least basic computer and communication skills, the right equipment, and then create a portfolio and start applying for jobs online. Employers on platforms such as Upwork,, FlexJobs, etc., post relevant job opportunities daily, so you can begin sourcing for work whenever you are ready.

Furniture Flipping

Furniture flipping is a lucrative side business in Florida. If the idea is new to you, it simply means buying and selling furniture at a profit? In this case, you source for used furniture at a low price, then refurbish it (if necessary) and sell it at the amount you deem fit. 

All you need to run the business is to create an online account for sourcing customers and probably a large truck or vehicle to help with hauling furniture. However, if you have an eye for detail, it can go a long way in helping you transform the furniture you acquire into masterpieces and earn an even higher profit.

Be a Fishing Guide

Does being on the water thrill you? Do you have extensive knowledge of fishing and your local body of water? Then you can make a decent amount of income by becoming a fishing guide

As a guide, your duties entail creating tour plans, teaching new techniques to your guests, and interacting with them. In addition to fishing knowledge, you need basic skills in boat maintenance and business management, and excellent communication skills.

Teach Lessons in Water Sports

Water sports are pretty popular in Florida, which raises the demand for watersports instructors. If you have some fine skills in basic watersports such as kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, etc., you can make a decent income teaching the sports on the side.

Besides having practical skills in watersports, you also need excellent communication and interpersonal skills to succeed as an instructor.

What Are the Five Highest Paying Side Hustles?

While a side hustle helps you make extra income on the side, they are all not equal. Some can bring you less than a hundred dollars a month or a few hundred dollars at most, while others are scalable enough to replace your primary job. 

Even with the highest paying side business, you may need to start small and increase your earning capacity as the business grows. That said, five of the highest paying side hustles in Florida include;

  • Flipping furniture
  • General online freelancing
  • Blogging
  • Food and grocery delivery
  • Virtual assistance

How Much Can You Earn From a Side Hustle in Florida?

With side hustles, how much you earn depends on your investment of time and money, persistence, and a smart strategy. Generally, you can start earning a few hundred extra dollars every month quickly if you put in the effort.

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