How Flipping Pallets Can Make You Extra Cash

These days, people of all lifestyles are looking for ways to earn more income on top of their primary source of employment. Whether you have some debt to pay off, wish to invest in property, or simply want to save up for that next big family vacation, working a side hustle in your spare time can drastically increase the amount of money you bring in each month. 

Some people assume that you need a specific set of skills to participate in the gig economy. Though some side hustles require certain skills in order to be successful, many have a very low barrier to entry and can be picked up by just about anyone with the right tools.

Ever heard of flipping pallets? This simple side gig is accessible to everyone and can increase your monthly income by hundreds or even thousands, depending on how much extra time you have to work. Let’s learn more about what pallet flipping is and what it could do for you.   

What Is Pallet Flipping?

A pallet is a bundle of products that have either been returned by buyers and can’t be reintegrated into the seller’s inventory or simply cannot be resold in the store due to superficial damage or low purchase rates. In order to get these products off their hands, companies will create pallets that contain a variety of different items and sell them at steep discounts.

This is where you come in. Once you purchase a pallet from a liquidation company, you can sell the individual items for a higher rate than what you paid, creating a profit for yourself. Because you won’t always be able to see exactly what’s in the pallet you’re purchasing, and you’ll need to invest upfront, flipping pallets does come with some risk. 

How to Find Pallets to Flip 

Liquidation companies act as the middleman between major retailers and pallet buyers, providing locations like warehouses for pallets to be safely stored and where potential buyers can pursue their options. Some retailers put their pallets up for sale directly to buyers, but most go through liquidation companies.

Visiting the warehouse is a great way to see what kinds of pallets are available, but many liquidation companies also have websites where you can make purchases directly. Keep in mind that pallet liquidation sites tend to be auction-based, so you’ll have to make the best bids to win the pallets of your choice.   

How to Make Money Flipping Pallets 

Making some serious extra income flipping pallets is possible, but you need to be strategic about it. Purchase pallets that are mostly made up of items you’re familiar with and know the value of, and try to steer away from seasonal products that may not sell well year-round. Plus, make sure to consider your ideal clientele and what types of items they’re most likely to buy. 

Pick Your Pallets Strategically 

Though big-ticket items like furniture and mattresses may be a more significant investment, these products are the most likely to earn you a profit. Not sure how to go about moving and selling such bulky items? As long as you have a smartphone and a pickup truck (or a similar vehicle), you can flip these items in your community with ease as a Sharetown rep.

Find Customers with Sharetown

Trying to find customers for your large pallet items on your own can be difficult, but apps like Sharetown make it simple to connect with members of your community that are in the market for the products you’re selling. As long as you have the means to transport and store these items, you can significantly boost your earnings each month by hauling and selling furniture at your own rate and working on your own timeline. 

Where Can You Sell Return Products? 

You can make money flipping pallets by selling in a variety of locations. If you’re selling smaller items that can easily be packed and shipped at minimal cost to you, you can sell nationwide or even worldwide. However, if you’re selling bulky items like mattresses and furniture, you may want to keep your clientele local to save on shipping and transport costs. 

Boost Your Income on Your Own Schedule with Sharetown 

Just by working in pockets of time during nights and weekends or even on your days off, you can earn extra income in the hundreds or thousands each month by moving and selling large items with Sharetown. Apply to work with us today!