How To Make Money as a Sharetown Rep

These days, it can be difficult to get all your bills paid with a single income or even a shared income with a partner or spouse. That’s why side hustles and earning multiple streams of income are all the rage.

Not only can a side hustle help pay the bills, but it can also help you save up faster for that vacation or home upgrade your family has been planning for. So what’s the best option for your side hustle? Becoming a Sharetown rep.

Who Should Become a Sharetown Rep?

Sharetown is one of the most popular options out there for people of all lifestyles and skill levels looking to make some extra income. Our reverse logistics company is based around the movement of bulky items by and for community members. That makes it easy to earn extra income while helping your neighbors and getting a little extra use out of your pickup truck, SUV, or van.

Anyone can be a Sharetown Rep as long as you have a pickup truck or similar vehicle and a strong work ethic! The great thing about working in the gig economy is the level of freedom you have with your time. You can put in more or fewer hours week by week to fit your schedule as well as your desired income.

How Does Sharetown Work?

It’s easy to generate income with Sharetown, and we make mattress and furniture flipping rewarding and lucrative for our community. You can perform each step of the process on your own time and tailor your last-mile delivery routes to fit your personal schedule and keep you close to home.

Through the Sharetown app, you’ll sign up for item pickups at a time that works for you and your client. Then, you’ll store the item wherever you see fit (like a garage space, extra bedroom, or storage unit) until it’s time to drop it off to its new owner.

The sales process is made easy by using free platforms like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and OfferUp. Once you’ve made a deal with a customer at a price you think is fair, you’ll schedule your drop-off directly with the customer at a time and date that works for you both. Sharetown reps earn a profit on every sale and have guidelines for how much they can resell the items for.

How Do Sharetown Reps Get Paid?

Selling and hauling furniture is a lucrative side gig with Sharetown. Our reps get paid directly by their clients, making it easy to set a preference for cash, credit card, or online payment. Sharetown reps also earn a profit after every single sale, so you won’t have to wait two weeks for your paycheck. You’ll cash in as soon as you complete the item drop-off.

Make Money Flipping Mattresses

When you think of selling used items to make a profit, mattresses may not be the first item to come to mind. However, many companies make it difficult to return a mattress after purchase, even if it’s only been used once or twice or has never been used at all. Therefore, there’s a surprisingly large market for gently used mattresses that can be resold or flipped for a profit.

Flipping mattresses is one of the easiest ways to make money with Sharetown. With just a few extra hours each week and a vehicle equipped to move large items, you can get a lightly used mattress to its new owner with profit margins ranging from the 200th to 300th percentiles. Most mattress flippers take home over $100 for one to two hours of work, and there’s always room to grow!

Become a Sharetown Rep

What Do Sharetown Reps Do?

Sharetown reps facilitate local mattress and furniture flipping sales and have complete control over their schedule. You don’t have to move your responsibilities around to make money with Sharetown. Tailor your side hustle to your lifestyle and set your own hours. However, many Sharetown reps have seen success making Sharetown their full-time job!

Sign Up to Start Earning Extra Cash

If you’re on the fence about starting a side hustle, it’s essential to consider how much extra income you could make in just a few hours per week with a Sharetown profile. By signing up today, you could be earning hundreds on top of your weekly income and even have a great time doing it. Our reps love that they can make money with Sharetown while developing closer relationships with their neighbors and community members.

Don’t put off a better future.

Take your income into your own hands and earn on your own terms with Sharetown.

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